please—i want to transform myself……

Heard this common phrase? All of us have been going through such phases, we take resolutions, make resolutions and fail resolutions.
Have we ever found why so easily we break our commitment to ourselves which we made knowing that it was a life changer?
No one can be better example than myself as my resolution to bring my beautiful figure of 90 kilogram(sounds more heavier than kg) to the band of 75 kg has not seen the day since last 5 years.

I never understood that a grilled chicken masala sandwitch or two pcs rasmalai could break my dreams of going below my standard weight. Once tempted you are gone till u start getting guilt and make afresh resolution to break it again.
Wondered why Coaching is considered different than counselling,training,therapy etc.till i decided to get deep into coaching. After 33 years of professional experience all levels i.e,executive to managing director, i found coaching is a methodology which can help an individual to channelise his/her inner strength to achieve what one aspires for.

It is only you who can bring any change in your personality ,achieve any goal, solve any  problem in life .BUT how? you need a person who can help you make your own strategies for achieving your target by enlarging your inner strength, capacities and you will always feel satisfied as it will be your insight.

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