Stumbling blocks catalyse progress

For some time you’ve been moving forward, making great progress and then suddenly you hit a wall, a valley. It can be extremely discouraging, it can be very tempting to stop and turn back. But instead look at it from a different perspective. The straight road to your goal is the same one everyone else is also taking. It’s the easiest one to follow. If you are ready to be truly extraordinary instead of turning back and going around the obstacle consider another alternative. Go through it, dig under it, climb over it. Do something different than the norm and you’ll reach heights that the rest of your colleagues and peers will miss. You’ll see things they will miss and you’ll gain insight and experiences that will help to elevate your value and your perspective in everything you see and do.</em><em>For some time now you’ve been moving forward, making great progress and then suddenly you hit .

Valleys and roadblocks are also a great way to take time to sit back a moment and reflect. Look at everything that has been progressing smoothly and as expected up until the point, but also take time to tweak and perfect your process to ensure greater growth and momentum. It’s hard to take a breather when you are rapidly accelerating, which is why you should cherish those things that occasionally slow you down so that you don’t turn around one day and find that while you’ve been moving rapidly along this entire time, you’ve been moving in the wrong direction.

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