The consquential consequence

I have always derived that life makes you turn right,left ,up and down without your inkling. i got up at midnight and was not able to decide what to do . It is said  as you grow old your sleep keep on reducing. Am i really growing  old ?

What can be reason of getting less sleap  as you pass every year? I can vouch for it that age is not the reason. It is the time and its effect you have spent in this world of conflicts,stresses , liabilities, aspirations,wants, envies, love and so on &on …..All  these composite aspect of life in this world are competent enough  to  secrete a hormone , name is your choice, to make you ringle in your thoughts and get up to churn your cognitive faculties.

As a  child have i ever thought of  any mental stress and emotions which could effect my sleep. Never. Now i know significance of  each emotion, can understand bitterness of world around us far better and have become presumptuous and calculative. Am i not compelling my mind to make me more engrossed, , think and calculate .The consequence of each thought is churning of my mental faculties and making me keep awake at 3.30 am . this is the time you find the best solitude to analyse various aspects of life which i assure to putforth everyday…….so long!

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